First Supporter: Abu Bakar

We’re thrilled to announce that WordPress Kitchen (WPK) has received its first supporter, Muhammad Abu Bakar — Founder & CEO ~ of DevCause – Lahore, Pakistan! We sincerely thank him for trusting us. WPK is in its early stages and needs your support to offer fully functional subsidized lunch services. Right now, we’re launching this service in Faisalabad city. Your support means a lot to us as we work towards making WPK the best it can be.

Founder @ DevCause (Code for Good):

Abu Bakar is a skilled WordPress entrepreneur and good at making things with WordPress, like websites, apps, and tools. He’s been doing it for more than ten years.

Certified UX Specialist:
With a UX specialist and researcher certification, Abu Bakar is dedicated to creating accessible, fast, secure, and sustainable web platforms.

Commitment to Positive Impact:
Driven by a strong belief in using code for good, Abu Bakar focuses on developing socially and environmentally responsible WordPress solutions for a net positive impact.

WordPress Community Leader:
As the founding organizer of WordPress Meetups Lahore, Abu Bakar plays a vital role in the heart of the Pakistani WordPress community, generously sharing his knowledge and experience with new members.

Well-Rounded Professional:

Abu Bakar loves spending time with his kids and reading books when he’s not working on technical and business stuff.

To kickstart this initiative, we are contacting our community for support. Any contribution you make will cover essential startup expenses, including business registration, design, marketing, development, content creation, and the acquisition of office and kitchen essentials.

Please send your support to one of the following accounts if you’re from Pakistan.

JazzCash // EasyPaisa // NayaPay // SadaPay // Raast Bank Transfer: 0333-9948967

If you prefer to pay through PayPal, please use the following link to send your support.

Many Thanks