Our Story

In April 2023, e-Earn Faisalabad opened its doors in Faisalabad. Freelancers from all over the city gathered here to work in this shared space. It’s big enough to host over 100 freelancers, including many WordPress experts. Since it’s still a fresh project, we’re not fully set up with kitchen services from the inside. Mostly, it’s a self-service deal. You can bring your food from home or grab something from nearby. There are fancy restaurants nearby, but they might not be the best choice if you’re starting as a freelancer.

Lunch becomes important since many freelancers travel far away and spend long hours here. So, we decided to cook some lunches and see what our freelancers liked best. After trying a bunch of options, we picked out the tastiest ones. Then, we asked some folks to bring their homemade lunches to share with everyone else. This way, everyone could grab a bite without going too far or spending too much. And that’s how ‘WPKitchen‘ came to life – a name picked by the freelancers themselves!

Now, we are on a mission to share 1000 subsidized homemade lunches daily with WordPress freelancers, mainly using co-working spaces in Asia. We seek sponsors to make lunches affordable and accessible for our growing freelancer community.

Our Kitchen Overview:

Selected dishes we cooked