Celebrate Mango Day 🥭 with WPKitchen!

The King has made his grand entrance. Mango madness begins now 👑

Join WPKitchen’s Mango Day on July 25, 2024, for mangoes and festivities, refreshing freelancers with a touch of summer sweetness.

Why Mango Day?

Mango Day is a popular event in Pakistan, celebrated by hundreds of IT companies in the summer. It’s a chance for colleagues to connect over their love for mangoes. But freelancers usually miss out. WPKitchen is changing that by bringing freelancers together to join the fun.

The Growing Freelancer Community

Pakistan has over 3 million freelancers, according to the Ministry of IT and Telecommunications. This year, we’re building on the success of last year’s Mango Day by hosting an even bigger and better celebration! We aim to unite more freelancers from across the country, share the joy of mangoes, and strengthen our sense of community. Look back at last year’s highlights and get excited for Mango Day 2024! 🍊👏

Mango Day Sponsorship Benefits

To make Mango Day 2024 a grand success, we seek sponsorships and have outlined the benefits for sponsors. Your support will help us organize a memorable event and ensure that freelancers can participate and enjoy the celebrations.

Sponsor through Patreon

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Mango Day Sponsorship Usage

Please see the details below if you have any questions about how the sponsorship funds will be utilized. Furthermore, we invite you to visit our website to learn more about WPKitchen and our subsidized lunch program, where you can find detailed information on our initiatives and impact.

Join Us in Making a Difference

We believe that, as a company owner, you’ll love for freelancers what you love for yourself. By sponsoring Mango Day, you’re contributing to a supportive event for freelancers and supporting the well-being and happiness of freelancers who work tirelessly throughout the year. Your sponsorship will bring them a day of enjoyment, relaxation, and delicious mangoes.

Let’s come together to make Mango Day 2024 a joyful and memorable day!

For any inquiries or further details, feel free to contact us. We look forward to your generous support and participation in making Mango Day a resounding success!