Sharing is Caring

I want to introduce a unique opportunity for collaboration, benefiting both your brand and our WordPress freelancers community. Your support can make this idea into a reality.

Our mission is to share 1000 subsidized homemade lunches daily with WordPress freelancers, mainly using co-working spaces in Pakistan. Once verified, WordPress freelancers will receive membership, a daily lunch, and the freedom to order from their phones at their offices. Starting this service is challenging, so I’m asking sponsors like you to help support these lunches at a discounted rate, making it a good deal for everyone involved.


Registration: We have a registration form where our WordPress professionals can register. At this step, we collect basic information from them, such as name, email, office address, etc..

Verification: There is a verification form where we ask for information to confirm the freelancer’s status, such as proof of freelancing, income, projects, and payments. We determine whether the freelancer is eligible for a daily lunch at this stage.

Delivery: Freelancers can order a homemade lunch on a platform like Foodpanda using their phones. They need to log in, choose a homemade meal, apply our voucher code or allowance at the checkout page for a discount, and have it delivered to their office.


  • X Plan$970/month: Good for 10 freelancers for a month. You’ll get an introduction to members. Monthly mentions, and you’ll be listed on the website. JOIN NOW
  • Silver Plan $2425/month: Enough for 25 freelancers. Your brand will be mentioned on our social media, website, and blog posts, with a link to your business. JOIN NOW
  • Golden Plan$4850/month: Best for 50 freelancers for a month. Your brand will be prominently displayed on our kitchen wallpaper, featured on our social media and website, and recognized in our freelancers’ workshops and events. JOIN NOW


Custom Plan – To manage WPKitchen, accommodating a sponsor and providing subsidized lunch for one WordPress freelancer costs $97 monthly. You can determine the total expense by multiplying $97 by the number of freelancers you have the strength to facilitate. You can also make a one-time payment to support this initiative. JOIN NOW

The best way to make a one-time payment is to sign up and cancel the membership after being charged. You’ll know when your payment has gone through because you’ll receive an email confirmation.

We believe this partnership can be rewarding and beneficial for your brand and our new freelancer community. We look forward to the possibility of working together.

Where to send contributions?

Please send your support to one of the following accounts if you’re from Pakistan.

JazzCash // EasyPaisa // NayaPay // SadaPay // Raast Bank Transfer: 0333-9948967

If you prefer to pay through PayPal or Credit Card, please use the following link to send your support.


Sponsoring the WP Kitchen initiative targeting WordPress freelancers in Pakistan can offer several advantages for potential sponsors:

  1. Positive Brand Image: Sponsors can associate their brand with a socially responsible initiative, showcasing a commitment to community welfare and support for freelancers.
  2. Increased Visibility: Sponsors can gain visibility among the WordPress freelancing community in Pakistan, a growing and dynamic sector. This can lead to increased brand recognition and exposure.
  3. Targeted Marketing: By sponsoring an initiative focused on co-working spaces, sponsors can target a specific demographic of tech-savvy professionals, including freelancers and entrepreneurs.
  4. Networking Opportunities: Sponsors may have the chance to network with freelancers and other businesses in the co-working spaces, potentially leading to collaborations or partnerships.
  5. Employee Engagement: Employees of sponsoring companies may feel proud and engaged when their company supports social initiatives. It can contribute to a positive workplace culture.
  6. Branding Opportunities: Sponsors can enhance brand visibility by incorporating logos, messages, or branding into the initiative, featured on promotional materials, social media, and events.
  7. Industry Leadership: Sponsoring a program that directly benefits freelancers in the WordPress industry demonstrates leadership and commitment to the technology sector’s growth.
  8. Contributing to Local Development: Sponsors can demonstrate commitment to community development, fostering economic empowerment and sustainable growth in Pakistan.
  9. Differentiation in the Market: Sponsors can set themselves apart from competitors by aligning with an impactful initiative and demonstrating a genuine interest in the community’s well-being.
  10. CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) Benefits: A community-driven initiative aligns with CSR goals and can positively impact the sponsor’s reputation as a socially responsible company.

By sponsoring this initiative, companies can contribute to a meaningful, caring, and practical cause and enhance their brand presence and reputation in a targeted and socially conscious manner.


We will promote your brand through various channels, depending on the audience, budget, and the nature of the sponsorship deal. Here is a list of the channels we use to promote our sponsors:

  1. Through our website: We will maintain an official website ( where we will regularly post the daily lunch menu, recipes, photos of the day’s dishes, updates about our services, and occasionally showcase images from our members having lunch. Our sponsors will be prominently featured on our website and its blog, along with these photos and posts.
  2. Through our kitchen: We will set up a standee or display in our kitchen area, prominently displaying our sponsors. We will regularly share photos of our members enjoying their lunches near the sponsors’ displays. Additionally, if sponsors provide swag, we will use it to decorate our kitchen. We will further expand on this idea by customizing the kitchen’s essentials in the future.
  3. Through our social media: The WordPress freelancers who enjoy our lunches and we will promote our sponsors on social media or whatever channels they use. They will share photos of their meals, occasionally expressing gratitude to our sponsors. We will also showcase testimonials in photo form from our members to emphasize the impact of sponsorships. Additionally, we will utilize email campaigns to promote our sponsors further.
  4. Through our WhatsApp: We’ve created a WP Kitchen WhatsApp group to register every new member. The purpose of this group is to resolve any issues members may face when ordering or receiving lunches. Additionally, we share our news within this group. We also notify our freelancers about the sponsors providing lunches for them.
  5. Through our freelancers: Our content plan aims to interview WordPress professionals and share their freelancing stories and WordPress journeys. We delve into what led them to join a co-working space and how they discovered WP Kitchen. We will also highlight their experiences with the lunches and capture their sentiments regarding the sponsors responsible for these meals.
  6. Events and conferences: Events, conferences, and meetups are frequently hosted in our freelancing communities and throughout our city, offering valuable networking opportunities for IT professionals. We will promote our community and showcase our sponsors in events.

If you want to know more or have questions, please tell us! We’d love to discuss all the details and ensure it fits what you want for your brand. Thank you!