A “Subsidized Lunch Service” is a program where the cost of meals is partly covered or lowered with financial help. This happens in places like schools or workplaces to make healthy meals more affordable for people. The aim is to make sure everyone can get nutritious meals at a lower cost, and the subsidy helps with some of the expenses of providing the food.

e-Earn Faisalabad was launched in April 2023 in Faisalabad. Freelancers from different areas of Faisalabad were approved and came here to use this co-working space. This center can accommodate more than 100 freelancers in Faisalabad. Dozens of WordPress professionals also utilize this space. As this is a new project, kitchen services from the private sector are not fully functional. Mostly, self-service is available. You can bring food from home or from outside. There are big restaurants near us, but they are not economical option for new freelancers on daily basis.

Since most freelancers come from different and distant city areas, they stay here for up to 10-12 hours. Therefore, lunch is a common interest here. We tried and tested our lunches within our freelancers’ community, and the best ones were chosen. Individuals were then asked to bring lunch to the office so that others could purchase from them. This initiative saved most freelancers time and money. Thus, ‘WP Kitchen’ was born, a chosen and suggested brand by freelancers.

NOW, We are on a mission to provide 1000 subsidized homemade lunches daily to WordPress freelancers, primarily in co-working spaces across Pakistan. Over the past five months, we have independently developed this service, and its sustainability is increasingly vital. The subsidized lunch initiative was carefully planned, and we are reaching out to potential partners, such as yourself, to join us in contributing to this initiative. Your support will help make lunches more affordable and accessible for our rapidly expanding WordPress freelancer community.

Our Kitchen Overview:

Selected dishes we cooked