The First Lunch

We are happy to inform you about the first lunch we’ll be sharing with our beloved WordPress community, made possible through the generous sponsorship of EWWW Image Optimizer. —

This homemade lunch was purchased from Madina Kitchen in Faisalabad by our WordPress freelancer, Umer at e-Earn Faisalabad.

We appreciate every cent the sponsor has invested in WordPress freelancers, and our freelancers equally value the sponsor’s contributions. To ensure transparency and accountability, we have implemented a plan allowing sponsors to verify their funds’ utilization. Consequently, each time a freelancer purchases lunch, they must submit the invoice and a photo of the unpacked meal to the sponsor. This process is facilitated through Foodpanda.

The sponsor’s spreadsheet will be consistently updated whenever a freelancer places a lunch order, submits the invoice, and shares a meal photo. This process ensures that the sponsor can easily cross-check all transactions and data.

By sponsoring this initiative, companies can contribute to a meaningful, caring, and practical cause and enhance their brand presence and reputation in a targeted and socially conscious manner. Your support can make this initiative a reality.

If you want to know more or have questions, please tell us! We’d love to discuss all the details and ensure it fits what you want for your brand. Thank you!