Recommendation // is a lightweight WordPress performance plugin.

With over 19 years of expertise in accelerating and optimizing WordPress websites, Perfmatters understands the significance of performance. They are committed to delivering nothing short of lightning-fast results because performance is what truly matters.

Slow WordPress sites have higher bounce rates and fewer conversions. The Perfmatters plugin was created by web performance geeks to speed up your site!

Perfmatters is a lightweight web performance plugin, created by two brothers with a love for WordPress.

They grew frustrated with the free plugins available for speeding up sites. Each one they encountered seemed to lack critical features, was inefficiently coded, or was inundated with advertising. That’s when they decided to develop their plugin.

Tidbits from Brian – Issue #28

We want to say thanks to Brian for talking about in his newsletter on Substack, issue #28.

And the best part? You don’t need to be a tech guru to use! It’s super easy to install and set up. With just a few clicks, you can supercharge your website’s speed without hassle.

Perfmatters combines the performance optimizations we implement across all our sites. If you’re ready to turbocharge your WordPress website, give a try today!