Subsidized Lunch Program

Our mission is to share 1000 subsidized homemade lunches daily with WordPress freelancers, mainly using co-working spaces in Asia.

How it works

As a verified WordPress freelancer, you’ll receive membership, daily lunch, and the freedom to order from your own phone at your own office.


After you apply, we’ll contact you to verify your info and activate your membership.

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To sponsor this program, you are required to purchase a plan from our Patreon page.


Supporting Countries

Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar, Pakistan.

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Meet The Founder

Abdul Rahman — also known as Pomy

I began freelancing in 2008 and working with WordPress in 2009. Over the years, I’ve gained experience using multiple co-working spaces in my city. I understand the challenges of cost-saving, such as minimizing lunch expenses for freelancers, allowing them to invest more in projects and professional development. WPKitchen isn’t just a concept; it’s a practical and supportive program.

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